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    How can I change the breakpoint for the mobile menu so that it shows already on wider screen that at present. The reason is that the regular menu is shifted down onto the header image and thus becomes almost invisible.

    Is there any other way to fix it?

    Also how can I decrease the space between each menu item?



    I figured out how to decrease the space between each menu item:
    #access a {
    padding: 0 0.9em;

    But the main question about the breakpoint is still unsolved.

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    How to disable Primary Navigation Menu with Additional CSS when the screen width is less than 990px?


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    The mobile menu’s screen width limit is configurable through the options in Anima Plus.
    In the free edition of the theme you’ll need to apply custom CSS to adjust this limit:

    @media (min-width: 800px) and (max-width: 1040px) {
        .cryout #access { display: none; }
        .cryout #nav-toggle { display: block; position: static; }

    Edit the 1040px value with the screen width when the menu no longer fits in one row.

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