Change Layout to 2 Sidebars Ruins Posts on Presentation Page

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    Love the Mantra theme but never used the Presentation page before. I am as of today and I love the new look of my homepage. Everything was good until I decided my pages would look more modern with a sidebar down each side. Now, on the Presentation page, my posts are falling off the left side, unviewable. If I go to the layout of right sidebar only, then the posts show up fine on the Presentation page.

    I can’t leave it up like this for too long, but if someone can look at it, it’s at

    Any suggestions besides putting my site back to a layout of sidebar on right only.
    Thanks in advance,


    So this morning, I couldn’t stand it anymore and changed the layout to two sidebars on the same side, the right, and it fixed the blog post problem on the Presentation page. Before I did this, I turned off the child theme and reactivated the main Mantra theme because I read something about child themes and sidebar issues. Anyway, that did nothing.
    So I experimented and as long as I don’t try to use the layout of two sidebars with one on each side of the main content, then the Presentation page shows my blog posts correctly centered.
    If I try to have a sidebar on each side of a page, then the Presentation page goes nuts and shoves my blog posts to the left, as if content goes farther left than the main container.
    Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance,
    Site is still at but I can’t leave the problem showing.


    Cryout Creations Team

    How did you manage to enable a sidebar on the presentation page? None of our themes display sidebar(s) on that section.

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