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    Hi all.
    I’m working for the first time on WordPress, and i’m quite lost =)

    I wonder if we can change the layout, dependings on the menu we select.

    Per exmple, on, i selected a one side bar layout for my home page.
    But, i’d like to switch on a no side bar layout for my Forum page.

    How can i fix this ?

    Did i have to change code in CSS or any where else 🙁 ?

    Thx all.



    I have the same question.

    And I would like to know how you can change the menu in the sidebar on different pages.

    Many thanks,


    Kathleen Clohessy

    Hi–To my knowledge, you cannot totally remove the sidebar once you set it in the default settings. However, there are a number of excellent plugins that allow you to create custom sidebars for your posts. Just search for “Custom sidebars” and see which one fits your needs.

    You can also use Jetpack. Created by Automatic, it allows you to add extra sidebar widgets and hide or show them according to various settings. It’s not perfect; you can’t hide the same sidebar on one page and show it on another–you need to create them separately. However, it works very well and gives you a great deal of added functionality to boot. You can install a custom menu, for example, and then show or hide it based on the post or page.

    I hope this helps. I’ve asked Cryout Creations to make it possible to set up different templates for each post but so far no luck. Maybe if they hear it from enough people they’ll give it a shot. This is such an excellent theme–it would be perfect if they would just add that one little thing.

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