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    I was trying to change the font of the normal text (paragraph) into something that is easy to read. While changing this (–> Typography : General font) I see that everything became much larger.

    I managed to reduce the size of the header and site name but can’t seem to find any possibility to also change the title that’s written over my featured image. How can I change the size of my title without changing my general font (septera)?



    And linked to this question, is there a way to reduce the font of the title (and possibly the small optional sentence below) depending on whether the site is looked at from a laptop or phone?

    As the screen of a phone is much smaller, but the font remains the same, the title covers the entire featured image behind it.


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    The general font options control the text properties site-wide. Some elements have individual control options, but everything else is controlled by this option.

    The theme adjusts the text size on mobile devices, but the adjusting is done starting from the configured font sizes (using a too large value will result in larger text on mobile as well).

    You can use custom CSS to style post/page content only:
    body .entry-excerpt, body .entry-content { font-size: ...; }

    Note that this will override responsiveness as well.

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