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    For what seems to be a relatively simple solution in css, I cannot seem to find the right rule to get the color of glyph icons in featured icon blocks to change. I would also like to change the hover color of these as well. Is there a way I can do this easily?

    Cryout Creations Team

    In Roseta the icon blocks glyphs use the theme’s accent colors.

    To customize separately, try the following CSS (prepend body if the identifiers are not specific enough for your usage):

    /* glyph in normal state */
    .lp-block i[class^="blicon"]::before {
        color: ...;
    /* glyph on hover */
    .lp-blocks1 .lp-block:hover i[class^="blicon"]::before {
        color: ...;
    /* background on hover */
    .lp-block i[class^="blicon"]::after {
        background-color: ...;

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