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    When I try to set the site icon, it doesn’t work.

    I go to customize-site identity, scroll down to the icon selection, press the button to select an image, the media library opens, I click on the image, then press the “select” button, and instead of successfully finishing the task, the picture gets “unselected” (not highlighted) and nothing happens. It’s as if I had clicked anywhere but on the button.

    If the picture is bigger than 512 * 512 px, the button reads “trim” or “crop”, but it doesn’t work either. Once I press it, an error message pops up that reads “an error has occurred when cropping the image”.

    What can be done?

    Thanks in advance,



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    The customize screen (and the media selection/cropping functionality) are core WordPress functionality and they should simply just work.
    When they don’t, it’s usually due to something interfering (like plugins or even browser issues).

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