Can't remove header image from random rotation

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    in header settings, once you select or upload possible header to be rotated at random, it can not be removed from the possible choices of headers in the future.

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    The Appearance > Header section is part of WordPress, not the theme.
    You need to remove existing images from the Media Library to remove them from the header.

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    Sorry I assumed this was a bug with your theme – I’m transitioning from an old theme that had it’s own image rotator built-in. I figured basic functionality would include a little red X next to each header image in the list. Now I search and I have found posts related to this problem all the way back to 2011 with this problem!

    How about we turn this into a request! A simple plug-in that adds that X to remove the image from the header rotation without deleting it from the media center. I use the same images for multiple uses – especially annually occurring campaigns where the image might also be used on the slider, as a featured image/header on specific pages on for that campaign, other places on the web, etc and I would hate to break all those urls and have to re-link the header in multiple locations every time I want to pull an image from the rotation. All that is needed is to remove the association of using the image in the header – deleting should be unnecessary I would think.

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