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    Joe Nance

    The front page here is not the blog page so I created a different blog page. Great feature. There is a “leave a comment” button but, while it refreshes the page, doesn’t open a place to leave a comment. I have “discussion” and “comments” active on the page and have the the “comments” box checked at the bottom of the page. Is this a bug or something that I’m doing wrong?

    BTW I tried allowing comments on the home page. I could leave one but it immediately appeared rather than requiring approval of the admin even though I had that block checked on the “discussion” configuration page. I can just see it filling up with spam if this were the way it worked.


    Cryout Creations mastermind

    You should do the opposite of this to make the comment form show up.

    The “Leave a comment” doesn’t refresh the page, it actually moves you from (the blog page with only 1 post URL) to (the post’s URL). And it should also scroll down to the comment form – if it were visible.

    I assume you disabled comments on pages for fear of spam. Keep in mind that comments written while you’re logged in are not treated the same as comments written by visitors that are not logged in. Did you submit a comment while not being logged in?

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