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    Michael Zuskin
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    Hi guys,
    I decided to change some settings of Mantra (the width of the sidebar and of the main area) long time after creating the site, and found, that now I need the Cryout Serious Theme Settings plugin. OK, I installed it. I played with different values of the width, each time saving and analyzing how the site looks. However, after the 4th or 5th change, I couldn’t save and got an error. I re-opened the Mantra Settings page – now it is looking as it was before (without the “accordion” of settings) and suggests to install the Cryout Serious Theme Settings plugin (which is already installed and activated!!!). I re-installed it, but that didn’t help.

    Now the site is looking screwed up: the left sidebar begins only after the main area ends:

    Looks like there is no room horizontally to include both the sections. I would like to increase the total width, but cannot access the Settings.

    I found that the Mantra Settings screen says:

    Navigate to this page [] to install and activate the Cryout Serious Theme Settings plugin, then return here to find the settings page in all its past glory.

    However, when I go to that page, I get:

    Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.

    I have opened a priority support ticket, but, maybe, somebody has an idea.



    Cryout Creations mastermind

    I remember resolving this through the support system.
    For anyone else encountering a similar issue, the fault was tracked down to a version mismatch between the theme’s internals and the style.css file which made the settings plugin activate the wrong settings mode.

    As a result, the next settings plugin update will rely on the theme’s internal version number for compatibility check instead of the one in style.css (which is easier to change for customization purposes).

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    Michael Zuskin
    Power User

    Yes, thanks for quick and professional help!

    I restored my styles.css from an old backup and overwrote the version. I didn’t know the version in the header comment is important. Now I know! 🙂

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