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    I use Serious Slider with WordPress 6.1, template Fluida.
    I need add new slide, fill button 1, button 2 text, click on Update page, but buttons descriptions are always blank. Why?
    Thanks and best regards J. rok


    I have a similar problem, also using Serious Slider with WP 6.1, template Fluida.
    After WP latest update I am not able to change the slide buttons. For example, I need to delete a button: I delete text from the fields, click “Update”, but nothings works. The old button is still there.
    Might it be connceted to WP 6.1 and Serious Slider compatibility?
    Thank you in advance!


    I am having the same issue with Nirvana theme and serious sliders. I cannot add url to buttons or slide. They disappear when I update the slide. Using WordPress 6.1.



    I’m having the same issue with a Nirvana child theme and WP 6.1. Every time I try to add a slide link or button, it refreshes and disappears. Older slides still work, just not new ones.



    Hi. Same here. Changes to button URL field won’t commit. They revert to blank or to previous value if copying the slide from a previous one.

    Anyone else on here have any success with workarounds?



    Noémi Pataki
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    Hi. I also had the problem. Exactly the same as everyone here.

    Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a solution. I hope an update fixes it.

    In the meantime, I put an subtitle on the slide. And I made the subtitle clickable.



    Similar “solution” — I used Maxbuttons plugin to manually add a clickable button to the slide.


    Hi folks,

    Had the same problem with the buttons in Serious Slider since the WordPress 6.1 update. I found a workaround that works for me.

    Find the code for whatever button or buttons you wish to hide and code display:none in the customizer under Additional CSS. In my case working in Fluida it was:
    .seriousslider-theme .seriousslider-caption-buttons a:nth-child(2n), a.staticslider-button:nth-child(2n) {
    display: none

    This hid the button I couldn’t change or delete. Then I created a new button in the Slide where you can create your own buttons, labels etc. to take it’s place for the time being. You can find help in coding buttons in the W3 Schools website.

    Hope this helps people until Cryout can find a fix for the incompatibility that WordPress 6.1 created!


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    Any update yet to this problem? I’m experiencing the same issue.

    Cryout Creations mastermind


    Today’s 1.2.4 update corrects the issue in the slider plugin. Thank you for pointing it out.

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    Awesome — thanks, Zed! All’s working well now. Much appreciated.

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