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    I noticed a bug where, if you have a long, or even moderate-length, WordPress site title (such as, ones full name), and you have more than 2 social media icons active, there are display issues on the mobile version (in my case, an iPhone 5). The social media icons don’t appear to dynamically scale down (look pixelated), or move to a new line, so as to prevent overlaps with the title test. When I turn the phone to landscape it looks fine, but in portrait there’s overlap issues I noticed.

    I’m guessing this may be a bug which might want to be investigated. Thanks!


    I actually found another (related) bug. When I view the site on my iPhone 5, the Presentation page column images have strange aspect ratios.

    First, when I created an image to match 201 x 322, I did so, but when I viewed the site on Firebox the aspect ratio was squished (but on these images – no other aspects of the site had an aspect ratio problem. SO in settings I altered the image box dimensions to 212×322, and ir compensated for the squished look. Now the image looks as it should.

    When I then view this on my iphone with Safari, in portrait these images looks squished in from the sides (which means that, had I left the pixel dimensions as they were, it would look squished in Firefox, BUT correct in Safari mobile – since I corrected for it for Firefox, it now causes the mobile to looks wrong). Then, when I flip to Landscape, the image looks squashed (like hor the original image looks before I compensated).

    So between this and the social media icons overlapping (and maybe too big), it appears that therre’s some overall bug with the layout scaling in both the web and mobile versions – and in the case of some images like the column images, it’s causing inconsistent aspect ratio problem.

    Just wanted to provide this feedback, hopefully to help improve the theme. Thanks!


    Sorry for the typos *Firefox

    Cryout Creations mastermind

    Thanks for pointing it out.

    This behaviour is improved/fixed in version 0.9.4.

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