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    After the update to version 1.0, since yesterday, the content is not showing up on mobile anymore. The footer appaerance on mobile is fixed ok. Unfortunately this is now the only thing my customers can see on the mobile phone: the footer of the website. The content does show up in a very annoying way, only if you set the mobile phone to landscape mode.

    So, it seems that with fixing the footer appaerance on mobile, another much bigger problem is created.

    Please have a look into this very quickly as this would be a trigger not to use the theme anymore.

    Caching system already disabled for you to be able to debug easier.

    Thank you so much for a quick fix.

    Website: e-sigaret-dampen.nl


    I do have a similar problem: it is the sidebar which is visible just below the header. If you scroll you’ll get to the content but no every visitor will do this. How can I change this to header, content, widgets?

    Website: emma-schumacher.de


    Found the issue! In my child theme in the header.php the Facebook Page Plugin script I had to move one line further down, behind <?php cryout_body_hook(); ?>. Really glad I found it.

    Excuse the bug report – it clearly is not a bug, but simply my bad coding.

    Website: e-sigaret-dampen.nl


    @Michou, have you already tried the newly introduced widget area’s?

    Sidebar – After menu #1, visible on all devices

    Sidebar – After menu #2, hidden on smaller mobile devices

    This maybe helps you out a little bit.


    Thanks für your reply – I’ll try that in a minute. Problem was: after the update all my widgets were gone and I had to redo them. I did not notice anything different in the widget area though …

    Greetings to the netherland neighbour 🙂


    Hi again,

    worked fine – I did not notice this change …



    Liebe Grüße nach Bonn


    😀 Danke dir und ein schönes Wochenende 🙂

    Cryout Creations mastermind

    As all widget areas were hidden on mobile devices in previous theme versions, we decided to redo and split the sidebar widget areas to give control on widgets visibility.

    Since there are now more widget areas and we also had to rename them, WordPress can lose widget placement, requiring restoring them to the desired location after updating to 1.0.0.

    If you like our creations, help us share by rating them on WordPress.org.
    Please check the available documentation and search the forums before starting a topic.

    Understandable although I would wish both as a blogger and a reader to have the content above AND the widgets beneath, too.

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