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    Hi, I have a problem with the breadcrumbs in the theme Kahuna.

    Because I use 2 blogpages and I use a plugin (The Post Grid) for my blogpages (I want a different layout for those pages then the Kahuna theme), the breadcrumbs are not working at the blogpages.

    The blogpages (of the plugin The Post Grid) are build using the category option. In that way, it is possible to make 2 different blogpages.

    But now, when you are clicking at a blog, the breadcrubs is: Home>Blog page>Blog. That looks allright. But the Blog page is not the blogpage of the plugin The Post Grid, but it suddenly uses automatically the Kahuna theme Category blog…… :
    – Result (wrong breadcrumb): Homepage/category/blog-page/?customize_changeset_uuid=
    – It should be (right breadcrumb): Homepage/blog-page/
    How can this problem be solved???

    (Are some screenshots helpfull to better understand this issue?)

    Website: in2bewegen.nl


    Hello, in addition to my question, I have realized now (after searching the internet for answers) that it is not a bug, but it is not natively supported by WordPress.

    Unfortunately I havent’t found the solution yet.
    Is it possible to place a script in [Customize>Extra CSS]?

    I hope that someone can help me.
    I really appreciate it a lot!!!

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