Bug in mobile/tablet view for Roseta and other themes

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    I’d like to report what I think is a bug in Roseta and many of your themes – like Anima, Kahuna and Fluida. In large tablets and in mobile horizontal view the sidebar widgets divide in 2 columns, but differently from the main page there’s no masonry effect in the sidebar. This causes wide vertical gaps between each widget, because of course some are longer and some shorter. You can see it in my website or in any of your demo pages for the themes that I mentioned above.
    Will this eventually be solved? Or is there a way to fix it in a child theme?
    Thanks for reading and for the wonderful job.

    Website: lady-snowblood.net

    Cryout Creations Team

    The sidebar widgets are not designed to use the masonry brick layout. That functionality is only active on posts lists (when more than one column is used).

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    Thanks for replying. I think it’s a bit of a shame that the masonry effect is not used in the sidebar widgets too, because I think it would be aesthetically more pleasant with it.
    I eventually solved the issue by using a plugin to hide some widgets in mobile/tablet view, and making sure that they were roughly the same height to minimise the gaps between them.

    Website: lady-snowblood.net

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