Bug in frontpage footer?

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    Anja VG

    Guys and girls,

    could there be a bug in the frontpage footer of Parabola? The text I added, links to “www.leekfoto.nl/Facebookpage”, a weird and not working link, AND the text POWERED BY (which is yours) has the same ‘problem’.
    I only used plain text in the footersettings of Parabola, no links!
    On all the other pages the footer text is as I would like it to be: no links except for your credits.
    I checked all the plugins already.

    Apology if I made a mistake somewhere and thsi is not a bug. I just can’t figure out where that weird link comes from.

    Cryout Creations mastermind

    I don’t see this behaviour on your site now. Did you fix it or does it occur only on specific browsers?

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