Bug after messing around with W3 Total Cache

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    Hello. As the title suggests, I was fooling around with W3 Total Cache (nothing too serious, I’m not an expert by any stretch), and I did something that messed up my website. I reversed what I did and everything seems fine now, except for one thing: the colored line that is usually above the current menu section… I now have two of those.

    I can’t explain properly, visit the website to see what I mean. Any ideas on how to fix it?


    Website: www.dejongepsycholoog.be


    Cryout Creations Team

    The top line indicates that the menu item points (links) to the page/post/section currently being viewed.
    Both the home item and the news one both link to the homepage, so they are both active when on the homepage.

    Change the news menu item to link to something else, or turn it into a placeholder without a link.

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