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    Hi there, as the title says I’ve just started using bravada and I’m confused with how to use the icon blocks. There’s an option to click: “Make icons clickable (linking to their respective pages)” for the icon blocks. The icon blocks show the same excerpt from the static page I’m using as homepage content. I am unable to get the blocks to use different paragraphs from that page, let alone content from other pages. Below each block in the customizer I have two options- to disable or a blank option which shows the icon and an excerpt but I cannot link to a page or change the excerpt.

    PS: How do I use another page as a different section of content like you can with fluida? for instance, have a section for services, about, etc?


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    Using different content for the icon blocks (as well as featured boxes and text areas) is a feature that’s only available in our Plus edition of the theme.
    The free edition, due to guidelines on the numbers of allowed custom fields in the theme options, is limited to only being able to use the same posts and pages that are also the target (linked to) from the blocks and boxes.

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