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    I had posted this already on “how to”, but I rather think this is a bug.

    This happened after switching from Nirvana to Parabola over the weekend.
    I´ve always used TinyMCE Advanced.
    I´ve deleted the troubling site below, created a new one with different URL but same content, having the same issue.
    Later on created a new one with same URL as before, copying the old content, same issue.

    I´m having an issue with just 1 post on our website that shows several “boxes” or independent borders within it in light grey.
    It can be seen here.

    All other posts look fine, for example here.

    Any hint?
    Thanks for your support!


    Cryout Creations mastermind

    I see no difference between the two links. Which browser are you using?
    Could you provide a screenshot?

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    Hi Zed, thanks for your message.
    I´ve just managed to solve it.
    It was some code left on the page that I did manage to delete.
    Problem solved.
    Not a Parabola issue.

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