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    Hello! Trying the Fulida theme for our website and found out several bugs:
    1. The bottom (footer) menu text is the same colour as the footer itself, so it is not visible. The top (header) menu is ok. And there is no option to customize menu font color for different menus separately.
    2. The mobile version menu is not visible at all.
    3. The breadcrums area gets the same color as the header, but the text of breadcrums color is the same as the main post text. And as we have a dark header, the breadcrums are not visible.
    Please help me to resolve the issues 🙂
    PS. The Fluida theme is not active on the single page, not the whole website.


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    Care needs to be taken when choosing and customizing the configurable color options. Some colors are used in multiple places (either directly or with small variations), while the two main accent colors are present throughout the site.
    Generally, the main accent colors need to be chosen to work and remain visible on all the configured background colors (as they’ll most likely appear on all of them).

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