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    Hi, just wondering if there’s a way to fix getting blurry images using Fluida (free version), latest version of WP and Fluida.

    High-res images on a single post are blurry when looking at them in the classic editor (the 300 pixel version is displayed and blown up), but looks OK in the browser, apart from on Internet Explorer, where they also look blurry.

    Also. high-res images look a bit blurry when used as a featured image on a single post page with the ‘cropped’ setting on – it’s using a 766px wide image but stretching it, rather than using a higher-res version.


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    Which one of the images on the indicated URL are you seeing blurry, for example?

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    Thanks. The featured image is being stretched from 766 wide to 1200 wide so it is a little blocky (the original photo is 3264 by 2448, so it’s not a low-res image). On IE11 on Windows 10, all the rest of the images are blurry, they’re OK on other browsers.

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