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    Hi Guys, thanks again for your wonderfull support!!
    The featured images from the pages also appear on the landing page (one of the charms of this theme!). Only in my case they look like a blowup…..(see enclosed screenshot)
    I have read some info about this in this forum, but it seems I have other (or less) options in the relevant menu (no changing to responsive).

    How can I control the size of the featured image on my landing page?
    Changing size of the picture itself has no effect.

    Thanks again!!!!

    blowup looks on landing page



    Cryout Creations Team

    You must be using a mobile version of Safari if you’re seeing that behaviour. We’ll get this browser inconsistency resolved in a future update.

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    Please read the available documentation and search the forums before posting.

    Hi Zed, sorry to say so, but no…I’m using Firefox on a desktop computer.

    You are correct on the other hand…..On a mobile Safari version, it looks even a bit worse, it then zooms in on a small aspect of the pic and you cannot even recognize the picture itself.

    So, my problem on the desktop is not solved yet, sorry!!

    Problem with mobile Safari will be solved in the future, thanks!!!



    Cryout Creations Team

    The images assigned as featured to the pages displayed in the text areas are used as background cover images on the landing page. “Cover” means they will be zoomed (in or out) to fill up the whole screen viewpoint – if the images are smaller than the screen or a very different aspect ratio (portrait on a landscape or reverse) then this can result in a lot of zoom and a very small visible area of the image.

    Try to use images that match the aspect ratio of the screen and are similar in size to the target (largest) screen size you want your site to look good on.

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    Please read the available documentation and search the forums before posting.

    Hi Zed,
    Thanks again!!
    Could you help me out…where can I find the aspect ratio concerned?
    I have solved the “problem” in the desktop view, but still struggling with the Ipad and mobile view.
    A. the slider images seem/look not responsive as only a part of the image is shown
    B. The featured images on the landing page (the background images) are shown as huge blow ups.
    C. When I include “pages” in the Header Titles menu, on a mobile the header picture on a page is covered by the title background (black/grey). Please see attached pics, one from the desktop view, one as a screenshot from my mobile.

    Thanks again Zed and sorry that I am troubling you so much about this topic!!!

    screenshot mobile
    desktop looks


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