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    Hello everyone,

    I’ve been using Fluida theme for some time as I am helping a friend with his website. After the latest upgrade t 1.3.5 several things have changed and some of them not in a good way…?

    1. Autoscroll
    When I click on a link and autoscroll feature is activated, the website jumps anyway. Also, when I want to scroll down to some ID, a website jumps to this ID, then moves a bit in the opposite way, but the exact target (element with a proper ID) is not in a visible area, but it’s hidden under the menu.

    For smooth scrolling I had to find another plugin, but target sections are still out of the visible page area.

    2. Header
    “.lp-staticslider” has a max-height: 100vh after the upgrade. It causes icon boxes penetrating into the header area. I fixed this by deleting this line.

    Anyway, thanks for your good job everyone!
    In case I somehow broke these things, I will appreciate any help.




    Btw jumping autoscroll can be seen there: – Navigation links on the right side.


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    Cryout Creations Team

    1. Scrolling to inner content is tricky when the fixed menu is used. Browsers don’t take fixed elements into account when calculating the scroll position and can position the viewport with the target anchor under such elements.
    The workaround for this is to use JavaScript to take the header height into account on scroll/anchor jumps, however we’d rather not bulk up the theme with code that’s only needed in certain specific cases:

    2. We’ll look into this.

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