Automatically randomize the order of the presentation page widgets

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    How do I automatically randomize the order of the Cry Out widgets on the presentation page columns?
    I would like to automatically re-order them daily.

    Is there a code for this which i can add to a certain file?

    Thanks for any tips


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    WordPress does not include functionality to randomize the order widgets get displayed in.
    This article provides an example for doing this with code. The theme’s widget area location for the columns uses the presentation-page-columns-area identifier.

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    Hi Zed,

    Thanks very much. I also found this code and it works. However it randomazes the order with every pagerload. I would prefer daily, but it’s still usefull.

    I noticed that the theme has been updated for the last time in mei 2019. Is there a new update planned soon for the Tempera theme?

    Kind regards,


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