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    I have this auto scroll script that I paste inside page.php file of this theme.
    Right after I save it the script works, but the next day it stops working although the script is still there.

    This is the script:

    jQuery(document).ready(function() {
        jQuery('body').animate({scrollTop: +400}, 1500);

    What can I be doing wrong? and if there is a better way to make the website autoscroll on page load then I would love to know too! (btw: the one much used auto scroll on id plugin didn’t work for me).

    Thank you!




    Well, it seems to work now.
    So I guess this post is obsolete.

    Kind regards,



    Well, it doesn’t work. maybe it works on one pc and not on the other. Its nice it doesnt work on mobile devices, that is actually an advantage. But it would be nice if it worked on all laptops and pc’s.


    Hopefully there is a solution to this? Because a website i have made looks only good on all devices when this script works, and somehow it stops working after a day or so.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Scripts should be placed in dedicated locations (like the footer) or files, not inside files responsible for rendering content.

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