Any possibility for Retina support?

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    Pat Harris

    Really loving this theme so far. Great work guys.

    I notice that in many places to upload artwork (cryout creation widgets, headers, logos) if you double the image size needed (generally looks great on retina displays) things get kind of wonky. For instance on mobile sites or thinner width sites (with responsiveness on) the presentation columns will blow up the image to full height of the image. It does shrink them down to the normal height and width size on wider layouts though. Also with the headers or logos I don’t see an option for retina so making the logos higher resolution will just make them bigger. I’m not great with coding, but I know in html/css it’s as simple as linking to an image and just setting the image parameters to the size you want, but having your image actually be double that to get crisp clean graphics on retina displays. Not sure on the wordpress side of things how much harder this is to implement.

    But seriously great theme I really like all the options and customization options. Thanks a lot for all your hard work!

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