Anima theme with own static template possible?

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    I would like to add own static page templates to anima-theme. But there is no directory ../templatee like in other cryout themes. And in admin page-editor is no longer the dropdown list. In stead there are pictures to select.
    My questions are:
    Is it possible? Where to put the template? How to link page and template?

    By the way: Dynamic templates according to wp-template-hirarchy work prima.

    Thankyou for advise an tipps!
    Regards Christian

    Cryout Creations mastermind

    Templates work the same way in all themes – they are files bearing a specific header which are located in either the root folder of the theme or the templates/ subfolder. For consistency the templates/ subfolder is the preferred location.

    Anima does not come with any templates so you’ll need to create your own. The will be automatically detected by WordPress and listed in the template selector (in the dashboard) while editing static pages.

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    Please check the available documentation and search the forums before starting a topic.

    Yeah, it works! So I am happy with that.

    Cryout Themes are very useful and appealing.

    Thank you!

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