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    Hello, so I’m using the free Anima version and without having changed anything the buttons, that is when viewing the Anima demo version on the landing page which say ‘more’ and ‘posts’, stopped working after probably over 6 months of service..

    Basically clicking the buttons now only send you to the top of the landing page where as if one right-clicks them and ‘open link in a new tab’ they take you to the correct spot on the site!? (lp-boxes-1, lp-boxes-2, lp-page and lp-blocks1)

    I think this error could have occurred 1-2 months ago, I don’t know if it’s some update I’m unaware of or something which has updated automatically and caused this but is there anything I could look into doing here!?
    I took a html5 class 12 years ago and haven’t dealt with it since but everything was working as intended the way I had it set up, until I remembered to go have a look a while back..

    Site I’m dealing with:

    Cryout Creations mastermind

    There are multiple markup errors on your site (tags not closing when they should, tags closing in a different order than the opening one, unaccepted tags nesting):

    There is such an error even in the target #lp-boxes-1 elements:

    There’s an anchor there that’s opening in the title and closing in the description, which is not correct structure for HTML.

    All these can affect how the browser interprets the content, including how in-content links work.

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