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    Hello. Something has happened recently to break anchor behavior, which had been working before. Instead of delivering the user to the anchor location, it auto scrolls to the top of the page. Per a similar post on another Cryout theme forum, it seems related to a recent WordPress and JS update. Will Bravada be updated to address this? Thank you.

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    As I have already answered to your support ticket, Bravada doesn’t have the same compatibility issue as described in the post for other themes as we have already updated it with the necessary changes.
    The theme does include a scroll wrapper which animates the scroll effect to in-page elements. If something JS-related is failing on the site or some other extension is overriding this functionality, it can misbehave. The animated scroll functionality can however be disabled from the options, leaving the browser to handle jumping to content links.

    I would need to be able to browse your site to investigate what is happening exactly.

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    Thanks for the information. Enabling/disabling the scroll doesn’t affect the issue either way. Will keep searching.

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