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    Mantra solved a lot of the issues I was facing! But…

    The excerpts that appear on my home page do not appear correctly. For instance, one post is a poem. It looks ok when one clicks “Continue Reading” but on the home page several stanzas are all presented as one paragraph (if that description makes sense…if not it is

    Other posts are also presented incorrectly on the home page, in that paragraphs are combined into one until the 50 word excerpt limit is reached?

    Any direction??



    I read some posts in the forum and MOSTLY fixed this!! I used manual excerpt. Let me know if there is a more “correct” or elegant solution. Now I don’t love the font the excerpt is in…

    Cryout Creations mastermind

    Automatically-generated excerpts don’t include any of the original formatting, so for a poem type of text that would turn everything into a single blog of text. Using manual excerpts or applying a post format (since these don’t display excerpts at all) is a solution I would suggest in this case.

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