Add color scheme picker in the demo?

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    I find the color schemes in the Parabola demo is very useful. Kahuna is as customizable as Parabola if not more, but the demo does not come with a color scheme picker. I think adding one might attract more users as they clearly see how Kahuna can adapt to their needs.

    Though I am already using Kahuna, I am still wondering whether to use a dark theme or a light one, or something more exotic. Having a few examples will help a lot for an existing user too.

    By the way, why are there “showcase” subforums for older themes, but not the newer ones?

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    Parabola includes preset color schemes which can be activated with a single click.
    Kahuna does not include such schemes so there is nothing to select in the demo. We have no longer included preset color schemes in the newer themes as we have found that not many theme users actually used them (compared to the work that went into integrating them and keeping them updated with newer theme releases) and the whole functionality required rewriting from scratch to work with the customize-based options.
    The newer themes include fewer distinct color options (as we’ve grouped various elements in sets) so they are easier to customize to obtain a certain color scheme.

    Concerning the “showcase” subforums, we’ve found that they are only lightly used and that users also post their questions incorrectly there (and get answers very late or never, since we don’t monitor them as closely as the bugs and how-to sections).

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    I see. That makes lots of sense.

    I have tried a number of your themes but not Parabola, I guess this is why I misunderstood it — I thought you built the preset color picker purely for the demo.

    Since the preset color schemes are part of Parabola’s configurations and not other themes, you are right that having a preset picker in other demos does not make much sense and are probably not cost-effective enough.

    Thank you a lot for writing such a long and detailed response!

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