Add call-to-action button to top-bar, right of social icons

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    Is it possible, in either free or pro-version, to add a call-to-action button to the top bar, to the right of social icons? (This would be the right-most item on the top bar.)

    Alternatively, is it possible to add a text button (not social icon) to the social icons menu?

    Either of the above would achieve the effect I want, which is simply to have a call to action button always visible to the user on the top right. (In the second mechanic, it would be visible in the mobile socials menu.)

    I very much appreciate help on this issue!
    Thank you!



    OK, I figured out how to add “Support Us!” (as text) to the social icons menu. I added the menu item, set CSS Classes to “support_us”, then:

    .socials a.support_us:before {
    	content: 'Support Us!';
    	font-family: inherit;
    	-webkit-transform: none;
    	-ms-transform: none;
    	transform: none;

    The last 3 items (or one of these) disable the default horizontal flip on hover & selection.

    Someone please let me know if there are problems I might not be aware of in the above approach.

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    If you’d use a item that is not automatically detected based on the URL, the item label would be displayed as-is. In that case the CSS wouldn’t be necessary and simply entering Support Us! as the menu label would suffice.
    You could avoid the Github link autodetection by using an URL shortener or using a custom on-site link that redirects to the target URL.

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