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    Hi. I’m getting an accessibility issue in Fluida for dropdown menus: “A button is empty or has no value text.” How can I fix this? Thanks.



    Hi again. I just installed a clean (no plugins and no content except a menu) site with the Fluida theme and am still getting the “A button is empty or has no value text” error on the dropdown menu items. You can see it in action here: and the WAVE accessibility errors here (3 empty buttons):




    I also tested this to make sure it was not a plugin issue by doing a clean install with no plugins activated. I am still getting the same error “A button is empty or has no value text.” on this site and several others using the Fluida theme. I tested this on 3 different WordPress installations.



    I just noticed that another of your themes – Roseta – has this same issue. Again, this only happens on regular WP dropdown menus. From WAVE accessibility testing regarding this critical issue:

    What It Means
    A button is empty or has no value text.
    Why It Matters
    When navigating to a button, descriptive text must be presented to screen reader users to indicate the function of the button.
    What To Do
    Place text content within the <button> element or give the <input> element a value attribute.
    The Algorithm… in English
    A <button> element is present that contains no text content (or alternative text), or an <input type=”submit”>, <input type=”button”>, or <input type=”reset”> has an empty or missing value attribute.

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