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    Hi Bravada Team.

    I’m using your wonderful theme. But I found some issues in hamburger menu with an screen reader.
    1. L46 in header.php has a tabindex=’-1′ which makes inaccessible with tab key.
    2. L64 it needs aria-expanded to false and aria-label to announce that menu is closed. After when it’s open the values should change.
    3. Each link generated in the menu don’t have role as well as the container element declared in L267 setup.php
    4. When the mobile menu is open the declared span doesn’t have text to announce it’s a button for close the menu. L65-67 from header.php

    please if you think I can address this issue, please help me to do that.

    Thanks a lot and a happy new year!


    Me too 🙂

    Pagespeed insights is giving me “Buttons do not have an accessible name”

    Is there a piece of code I can modify or add to get rid of this error?


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