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    I am doing probono work for a non-profit that is subject to the federal accessibility requirements for internet access. They have an existing site that uses the Nirvana theme, and I am completing work on a second site for them, started by another developer, that also uses Nirvana. Many thanks for making this theme available to them for free. It meets their needs beautifully, except for the inability to tab through the drop-down items on the navigation menus. This could become an issue when they next apply for federal funds.

    Are you planning to add this feature to the Nirvana theme, and if so, do you have a timeframe?

    Cryout Creations mastermind

    We do not currently intend to add accessibility support for Nirvana’s menu. We’ve done this with our newer themes and we’ve learned that due to CSS and browsers limitations, accessibility is usually incompatible with any advanced menu behaviour like animations and transitions.

    Additionally, Nirvana uses the same menu structure for both desktops and mobile devices (styled differently) and this complicates matters further.

    However, since the site is running WordPress, Nirvana can accommodate (with minor tweaks – I believe an ID/classname change is sufficient) a menu plugin which integrates accessibility support (but which will lack any of the theme’s inherent menu styling).

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