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    We have just switched our website (which is still under development and not available for general viewing at this time) to use php 7.3 and are now getting the following in the error log:
    PHP Notice: A non well formed numeric value encountered in /home/axessfoto/public_html/wp-content/themes/anima/includes/custom-styles.php on line 596
    The reported line is:
    header-page-title .entry-title { font-size: <?php echo absint( $anima_ftitlessize – 50 ) ?>%;
    Has anyone else seen this?

    Website: www.axessfoto.com


    Rightly or wrongly (my apologies to anybody upset by my doing this), I have found that adding “(int)” has solved the “problem” …

    #header-page-title .entry-title { font-size: <?php echo absint( (int) $anima_ftitlessize – 50 ) ?>%;


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    Which theme version are you using on the site?

    Is this a fresh theme installation or have you updated (at some point in time) from an older theme version?

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