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    Tried posting the other day, but it didn’t go through. Trying to be more brief this time.

    Nirvana is a Great Theme. Love the clean full width feel, but wish it had some of Tempera’s features. I like the cryout columns better in Tempera since the title over the top of the image seems more functional (users don’t just scroll by not realizing they can hover and get text). I realize these options can be changed, but I really like when the image shows completely before hovering.

    I also like the slider in Tempera better. Like that the text/title can be contained in a tidy area in the corner. Again, this seems more functional as it’s easier to read when the text is confined to a smaller darkened area and the background image doesn’t interfere with the visibility of the text.

    Whitespace is an issue. It doesn’t appear that there is a simple way to control the whitespace (margins/padding) above and below sections/elements. A lot of people have commented about the excessive whitespace, so it’s obviously an issue for many users. Would be great if there was a simple way to control this in Nirvana settings.

    Wondering if it would be better to let users define and design the presentation page, just like other pages, but utilizing special widgets like slider, cryout columns. Using something like Page Builder they could make columns and arrange sections as needed.

    Overall great looking themes! Just need a little tweaking to make them even more functional.


    Hi Chris,

    Very well put, exactly what I’m wishing for too. Hopefully the Cryout guys will add all suggestions in a future update. Or release a new theme that’ll combine best of both worlds.

    Maybe Tempura + Nirvana = Valhalla? 😉

    Cheers from an appreciating user of Nirvana,

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