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    How can i put a french message for the 404 page and set a featured image. Is this something that is covered in the plus theme (example having a plate type 404) THanks.

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    I found a solution. I installed a plugin that is called 404page from the wordpress.org plugin repository. It lets you create a 404 page with whatever content you want in it. You can write whatever you want in any languages (or multipe ones if you wish)

    The 404 page is a personalised page that lets you put whatever you want to show when a user mistypes a page adress on you site. The roseta theme has one made as part of the theme but it is coded into the theme so One cannot change it’s content (unless there is a way i am not aware of). If you dont have one, you get a server error page which is less helpfull.

    Now the only thing left for me is the search. WHen you click on the search icon (the magnifying gass), you get an english text that says “To search type and press enter” and i would like to have that in french.

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