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    When I visit my website form a link on Instagram for Android, the site is displayed in the Instagram app instead of in the mobile browser. So far so good…

    In this scenario the images of the 1st and 4th columns on the frontpage is not showing.

    I realize that this might be an issue in the “Instagram browser”, but I suspect it might be easier to correct in the theme than having Instagram correct their app.

    Please hurry:
    I know that I can pay for priority support. But I was hoping you migth help solve this quickly on a good faith basis, as I have an Instagram AD for my website going live in just under 24h…

    Technical details:
    Website: https://redzoneracing.no
    Android 8.0.0
    All apps updated

    .\ Lars Olsen

    Website: redzoneracing.no

    Cryout Creations mastermind

    Could you show us a screenshot with what you’re seeing?

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    Using Instagram:

    Using Chrome:

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