Septera 0.9.7 gets under the knife

Changelog: Fixed area label missing translation in header.php Default sidebar message is now only shown for users that have widget editing capabilities Removed hardcoded JS from main.php (the ‘reset to defaults’ confirmation message) Escaped get_author_posts_url() with esc_url() in author-bio.php Removed ‘comment-form’ and ‘comment-list’ from add_theme_support(‘html5’) Reset custom WP query in …

Septera 0.9.6 gets forgotten in the queue

Changelog: Removed ‘wp_calculate_image_srcset’ filter support due to Jetpack_Photon::filter_srcset_array() issue Changed featured boxes hover animation Added styling to disable Chrome’s built-in blue border on focused form elements Added explicit support for WooCommerce 3.0 new product gallery Fixed typo in description

Septera 0.9.3 is under scrutiny

Changelog: Moved “Edit” button at the top of the post/page Adjusted post meta paddings Added icon blocks icon/title animations on hover Reduced landing page “More posts” button padding Fixed unexpected arrow background on cropped featured images Increased page/post titles default value to 220% and made post titles in page list …

Septera 0.9.2 is jam-packed with coolness

Septera 0.9.2 includes important improvements concerning responsiveness: the theme now uses srcset attributes to improve featured images responsiveness; embedded videos will be loaded at the appropriate width calculated based on the general site width and layout options; for further tweaking, the fitVids script can be selectively turned off on non-mobile devices. Read more for the full changelog.

Septera 0.9.1 takes a first step

Changelog: Moved submenu arrows closer to the menu items Fixed current menu item on landing page having the same color as the background on fixed menus Removed grayscale filter from the header image and slider overlays if overlay opacity is set to 0

Septera – Our newest WordPress theme is here

Starting our new trend to create more, bigger and better WordPress themes, Septera brings even more style to our current themes line-up.

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