Septera 0.9.7 gets under the knife


  • Fixed area label missing translation in header.php
  • Default sidebar message is now only shown for users that have widget editing capabilities
  • Removed hardcoded JS from main.php (the ‘reset to defaults’ confirmation message)
  • Escaped get_author_posts_url() with esc_url() in author-bio.php
  • Removed ‘comment-form’ and ‘comment-list’ from add_theme_support(‘html5’)
  • Reset custom WP query in septera_lpindex() and septera_lpboxes() using wp_reset_postdata()
  • Modified functions using the ‘excerpt_length’ and ‘excerpt_more’ filters to not affect the admin side
  • Removed @import from editor-style and fixed editor-style.css loading
  • Removed error suppressing from admin-functions.php
  • Fixed top social menu margin on mobile
  • Fixed mobile menu dropdown arrow line height
  • Adjusted z-index on main menu dropdowns and menu search to improve multi-line menu usability
  • Adjusted featured boxes hover animation
  • Added filters to ob_clean in custom-styles.php and renamed custom_editor_styles() to editory_styles()
  • Adjusted headings appearance
  • Fixed slider overlay still present when opacity set to zero
  • Updated translation files
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