Septera 0.9.3 is under scrutiny


  • Moved “Edit” button at the top of the post/page
  • Adjusted post meta paddings
  • Added icon blocks icon/title animations on hover
  • Reduced landing page “More posts” button padding
  • Fixed unexpected arrow background on cropped featured images
  • Increased page/post titles default value to 220% and made post titles in page list 40 units smaller
  • Fixed pages manual excerpts not working and added support for <!–nextpage–> tag in icon blocks
  • Extended Featured Image Alignment option to apply to all featured image crop variants added by the new srcset feature
  • Slightly adjusted headings font sizes generator function and added separate distinct styling for h5 and h6
  • Fixed footer widgets responsiveness when “All in a row” option is used
  • Changed H1 to H2 in the static slider
  • Added site title always present in the source of the site (for SEO purposes)
  • Fixed WordPress’ “Display Site Title and Tagline” option not hiding tagline
  • Added colour option for the H1-H4 content headings
  • Updated language file
Septera is a WordPress theme with premium features and amazing customization options. For more info check out the theme's page.


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