Septera 0.9.4/.5 conceals the landing page

Septera version 0.9.4/.5 changes the way the landing page is activated. From now on it will be necessary for a static page to be assigned as the WordPress homepage for the landing page to become active.

You will now also be able to select what kind of featured content is displayed on the bottom part of the landing page: latest posts (previous behaviour), static page (the new default) or disabled.




  • Added more padding to the ‘continue reading’ button
  • Added padding to pagination buttons
  • Fixed ‘more posts’ button animation
  • Increased landing page featured box title line-height
  • Fixed landing page slider title/text sizes with responsiveness
  • Changed post titles in posts lists from 40 units smaller to 80%
  • Improved srcset functionality by switching to viewpoint units for better responsiveness
  • Improved srcset sizes for the landing page featured images
  • Improved backwards compatibility for browsers that do not use srcsets
  • Fixed srcset sizes for 1 column posts list layout
  • Added ‘septera_featured_srcset’ filter and support for ‘wp_calculate_image_srcset’ filter for disabling srcset functionality 1)
  • Added hint in landing page customizer controls for activation procedure and autofocus to static frontpage section
  • Fixed more posts button visible on the lading page when static page is used
  • Changed default value for Featured Image Alignment from center/center to center/top
  • Updated Cryout Framework to v0.6.5


  • Replaced esc_html() with esc_attr() to make HTML attributes translateble


  • Changed landing page activation mode; the feature is now only visible when a static page is set as the homepage in WordPress
  • Added featured content option for landing page to display posts list, the homepage static page (default) or nothing
  • Fixed meta information visibility malfunctioning on search results
  • Replaced _e() and __() with esc_attr_e() and esc_attr__() where translations are used in element attributes


1) These filters can be used with add_filter( ‘wp_calculate_image_srcset’, ‘__return_false’ ); or add_filter( ‘septera_featured_srcset’, ‘__return_false’ ); Note: This filter is no longer needed as the theme’s image manipulation functionality can be turned off entirely by setting the featured image height to zero in the options.

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