Last breath of our alter ego

grim_reaperIt was born 3 years ago. It took over Mantra and grew it to what it is today. It has lived a short but fruitful life and then it retired, spending its last year helping Cryout Creations expand it’s grip on the world.

Riot Reactions, our (evil) alter ego for about 2 years is now taking its last breath. is dying this week, returning back to the primordial soup of domain names it came from, with following later in March. While we called it our evil twin as it was actually part of us; it was the underworld’s gateway here; but the world isn’t ready for the darkness yet.

Yet not all shall end. The Riot spirit will live on, darkening our love and holding a firm sharp grip on our future ideas. It will live on in Mantra, which it has moulded and modelled for over two years; it will live on in Parabola, in which it has already seeded its darkness; and although somewhat distant, it will live on in Tempera, Cryout Creation’s latest and youngest brainchild.

Farewell, Riot Reactions…

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