Windows Phone support pitch-in campaign

You may have noticed the appearance of a little blue box on the right side of our website. It’s not there just because we love blue, but because we need a bit of help (being blue).

Developing web-related creations is hard work enough. Developing free creations… that’s turning more and more into a spiritual path (hence our – perhaps you noticed – interest in deities). But when we also need to test our creations, that’s where matters complicate (and deities don’t seem to want to help).

In today’s world with thousands upon thousands of devices, each with its own software deciding whether or not it should follow the standards, testing things just gets more difficult. Beside 4 computers (each with all mentionable browsers and operating systems), 5 Android devices of various sizes and 2 iThings, lately Windows Phone (thank you, Microsoft…) came into play. While an emulator is good enough in some cases (and we did use it to its limits to test basic functionality), it does not cover everything. We need an actual device running Windows Phone to truly test things out. We need the real deal.

Here is where the little blue box that started this whole monologue comes in. It keeps track of the donations we received in our “helps us improve Windows Phone support” campaign (thanks to the handy little script PitchinBox provides). If you’re using a Windows phone or want your site running a theme of ours to better handle itself on a Windows phone, you can donate any amount to the cause. Just click on the “Pitch in” button, enter the amount (use any name you wish) and then you’ll get to the usual Paypal donation system. While we do love that lucky 13% we’re at so far, we do need all your help to take over all the world browsers.

We’ll use every bit gathered until the end of October on [nope, not on Steam’s Halloween sale, not this time at least; but on] an entry level Windows device to do our proper testing on.

And if we don’t reach the desired target… well.. we’ll just have to spend all your generous donations on coffee* to help us stay awake in those long testing sessions using the emulator…

Part of the testing hardware (Windows-es & Android)
Part 2
Another part of the testing hardware (more Windows, Android & iOS)

Edit: Thank you everyone for your support. We now have a genuine Windows Phone to do all those (head-aching and pain-staking) browser support tests.