Tempera 0.9.5 is halfway there

A new batch of fixes and small improvements meant to make Tempera more stable has been deployed. A few more of these small patches will follow in the next few weeks as we approach the glorious version 1.0.


  • removed hardcoded fonts from the Presentation Page (they’re assigned the font set in the Headings Font setting)
  • the header widget is no longer behind the header image
  • the empty sidebar placeholders now show up properly
  • fixed import/export settings not working on some rare occasions
  • socials on ‘Left Side’ now show when enabled
  • fixed a small icon fonts issue
  • added an alert for variable limit reached
  • added French language

About Kay

The creative mind behind Cryout Creations. In charge of all you see and a lot more. Has all the great ideas but never enough coffee to make them all happen; also the lead bug designer.
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26 Responses to Tempera 0.9.5 is halfway there

  1. Oz says:

    When I place a text widget in the header area to display the Thelemic time, it disables the slideshow (on the presentation page).

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