Tempera 1.4.1 runs out of ideas

Normally, an update post would start with something grand (or something terrible) about what the new update brings. Unfortunately, Tempera has a lapse in new ideas so this time there’s nothing new (and nothing terribly wrong about it either).

This update exists simply to catch up on fixes with her siblings.


  • Clarified presentation page usage notice when static page is set
  • Fixed screen-reader-text elements placement issue on RTL layout
  • Clarified customizer link info to indicate settings page is only available when theme is active
  • Fixed WordPress 4.4.1+ issue with plugin/theme notifications being moved in the Layout settings section
  • Fixed missing sticky post styling on Blog page template
  • Added missing arrow glyph to continue reading button in more tag
  • Fixed header site title to not use H1 tag when homepage is static
  • Fixed undefined notice related to WP_Widget_Recent_Comments when certain comments plugins are used
Tempera is a free WordPress theme, created by Cryout Creations, that is responsive and extremely customizable. For more info check out the theme's page.


  1. The option to use a Page as the home page but still be able to use a slideshow (and a sidebar, preferably). My users aren’t comfortable using the Presentation Page because that required them to edit the home page text under Extra Text – they are used to using only Pages or Posts (but using a post as the home page is problematic if we are also using posts in other areas, plus if we want a sidebar in this scenario, I have to fake one using divs and CSS).

  2. I think there’s a bug with this theme.
    If I upload a brand new image to the Media Library of WordPress while creating a new post, then the image will be visible in the post. BUT, if I use that same image on a new post, the image won’t show up in the site’s frontpage.

    Basically, newly uploaded images on new posts are visible, but if I use old uploaded images on new posts, then the images won’t be visible. Here’s an example:


  3. Hi Zed,

    Thank’s for keeping working on this really great theme !
    So it seems there’s some lapse of ideas to improve our favorite theme ?
    Here is one I’ve been waiting for since the beginning : please insert a search box in the Nav menu.

    I’ve found some code on the forum from you team to implement it and that’s great. But you should provide it built in next update as an option.


  4. I have an idea (although this is for the Settings plugin, not Tempera specifically): Add a notation next to each item, or in the “?” pop-up next to the item, to indicate what the default value is. I keep wishing for this as I experiment with things and want to revert some change I just made without resetting EVERYTHING.
    Thanks for all the Tempera awesomeness!

  5. Still running strong with Tempera theme after more than a year. Waiting for Cryout Creations to have Tempera use independently sized sidebars and that would make the theme perfect.

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