Tempera 1.4.2 has some new ideas

Despite unfounded rumours, there may still be some ideas left for Tempera. This new update brings all the additions, improvements and fixes the previous update forgot or didn’t even think about.

There are quite a bunch and wouldn’t fit in the intro, so for the full list…


  • Added author role meta to improve microformats
  • Added time updated and published meta to improve microformats
  • Added new WordPress.org theme tags (and removed deprecated ones)
  • Removed alt attribute from post thumbnail links and removed unused third parameter $post_image_id from nirvana_thumbnail_link()
  • Removed hidden leftover meta separator
  • Fixed #content dl font size and line height
  • Optimized CSS layout and fixed several typos
  • Removed id=”columnImageId0″ from column images; always 0 because $counter not in loop – it was unnecessary anyway
  • Added theme translation domain in style.css
  • Updated all instances of the search form (searchform.php, menu hooks) and replaced IDs with classes
  • Improved breadcrumbs function, added post formats support
  • Fixed topbar overlapped by admin bar when static; converted custom styling to rely on body classes
  • Added site title value to as header logo alt/title attributes
  • Fixed meta bar borders still visible when meta bar was hidden
Tempera is a free WordPress theme, created by Cryout Creations, that is responsive and extremely customizable. For more info check out the theme's page.


  1. uhmm you need to fix it so the “Updated” microformats parameter is given in the main content and sidebar. As it stands now, it does not and consequently triggers errors in Google Webmaster console and RIch Snippet verification.

    Also still waiting for independently sized sidebars.

  2. Hi, liking Tempera theme which is my first WordPress experience.
    One problem, how do I reduce the space between the bottom of the slider on my Presentation page and my first top title text, which reads “We build AMAZING…etc”
    Thanks, Graham

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