Tempera 1.4(.0.1) feels empty on the inside

The battle was tough, words have been said, code was written, thrown around or deleted, and although Tempera fought well the stronger powers could not be thwarted – in the end, Tempera lost its settings options…

But don’t despair. Just like with her sister, Nirvana, we have prepared for this moment and set up an alternative solution. As we have previously announced, we decided to retain the settings page functionality and move it to a separate plugin.

So, starting with this update, you will need to do the extra step of installing our Cryout Serious Theme Settings plugin to be able to configure the theme. But that step is all that’s needed, because we’ve done everything necessary to make the transition as easy as possible – both by recommending the plugin in your dashboard and by publishing it to the repository, so everything can be done automatically with just a couple of clicks.

If you’re already using the plugin due to WordPress 4.4, there’s nothing more you need to do as the plugin will automatically adjust its functionality for this update.

As a side effect, the presentation page is now disabled by default on fresh theme installs (since there is no way to configure it until the plugin is installed). To restore the presentation page, simply go into the settings (after installing the plugin) and enable it from the Presentation Page section.



  • Fixed menu center align issues with multi-line menus
  • Fixed presentation page overriding static frontpage (and malfunctioning as a result) !!! make sure WordPress’ “Frontpage” option is set to display “Latest posts” for the presentation page to be visible (read here for more information) !!!
  • Changed social icon links to no longer be nofollow


  • Integrated TGM to recommend and auto-install the theme settings plugin
  • Fixed settings page to handle changed H3 to H2 headings in WordPress 4.4
  • Changed presentation page to be disabled by default (in lack of theme options on fresh install without plugin)
  • Added experimental support for PP columns outside their dedicated area
  • Fixed main menu centered option interfering with the mobile menu
  • Adjusted columns to display read more button even without entering text; improved content conditional checks
  • Fixed slight author information misalignment on RTL
  • Fixed sub-menu arrows on RTL
  • NivoSlider-based gallery/slider plugin should no longer wrongfully add a stop button to the theme’s slider
  • Fixed presentation-page styling to only be applied when homepage is actually the presentation page
  • Added version information to style/script enqueues on both frontend and dashboard (to fix caching issues between updates)
  • Rewrote readme file and merged changelog into readme
Tempera is a free WordPress theme, created by Cryout Creations, that is responsive and seriously configurable. For more info check out the theme's page.


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  2. Hi, we’ve tried to upgrade our Tempera 1.2.8 – stop laughing 🙂 – to but it didn’t worked. The reason for this try was because we no longer have access to slider’s settings and one of the Fourth Footer Area widgets is no longer shown. Should we try to upgrade to an intermediary version like 1.3.3 – if it’s possible? This is our site: http://www.rumaniamilitary.ro/

      1. Zed, thanks for the reply. “The upgrade can’t be installed because we can’t copy some files. This is due to the usual inconsistency permissions of files sytem”. http://oi63.tinypic.com/64qxrp.jpg But after installing the plugin now Tempera Settings is back and we have access to slider; the missing widget from the Fourth Footer Area just below the “Meta” widget is still invisible (it was basically a list-widget that links certain posted “episode”-articles based on the same titles such as – for example – “Superjets” or “Weapons Enciclopedy” (in total we have 10 such “series” of “episodes”); PS – I’m afraid to upgrade the theme to (yes, we have upgraded WordPress 4.4) 🙂 I will read more comments in the theme’s forum in order to learn from others experiences and decide. To be honest at first I tought the theme’s upgrade must come before the plugin.

      1. Thanks Zed,

        I did so (“Frontpage” option set to display “Latest posts”) and it worked fine.
        But reading some pages / posts and moving back to “home” lead me sometimes (not always) to the site static page specified in the wp custom option and site main menu (for “home”).
        It seems to me that, sometimes, these settings are forgotten but can’t tell when and how…
        Looks like the problem reported by Solveig Nordh just below.

        So I removed the static page from main menu and set the “home” menu field wirh an absolute link. I also changed the default static page in wp custom Frontpage options, keeping the setting to “Latest posts.”
        Waiting and seeing…

        1. You most likely had a ‘home’ menu item that was pointing to a static page named ‘home’ not the actual WordPress homepage.
          When adding pages to the menu, in the pages list there is a special one named ‘Home’ which changes to ‘Home: home’ when you also have a static page with the same name.

  3. Hi Guys, thank you for the latest update. Still have some issues though, the presentation page now loads correclty first time when going to http://www.lekoseum.se. However if i was to navigate away form there to another page, then back to home (hem) it does not show anything. Can this be fix so anytime somebody preses “hem” you go back to the presenation page?

    1. A menu item called home isn’t necessarily linking to the actual homepage of the site. Make sure you’re using the correct home menu item, not just a page titled ‘home’.

  4. Since the latest update, my right-hand widget column is gone, and some of it’s widgets are now showing up in the left-hand column. How do I restore the right-hand column’s presence on my site? The widgets area in my dashboard is still populated. The widgets still show up in the right-hand widget column’s list in the customizer. The layout settings in Tempera are still set to allow for a three column layout. But the right-hand column is empty!

  5. Hello! Did something happen between yesterday and today with Tempera? It seems the presentation page is no longer enabled even though in the settings it shows as being enabled?

    When I looks through all of the other settings, everything is still there (links, images, descriptions) but it just will not show on the main page when you go to the site. Any help at all is appreciated!

    1. Tempera 1.4 had a bug by which it displayed the presentation page (minus some styling) even when a static page was set as the homepage. We have corrected this in Check your WordPress Reading settings and set the Frontpage displays option to Your latest posts.

    1. Hello, I have the same problem since yesterday. The was a new update, may-be this is the reason. I don’t know yet how to solve it, so I hope Zed will give us assistance to have the Presentation Page again when I start up my website.
      Thank you very much, Zed.

  6. Quite a few of our clients would love to use only the top bar for navigation, but it has 2 serious flaws:
    1. it doesn’t show on mobile, so there is no way to navigate
    2. it doesn’t show dropdown menus (child pages)

    Could these be fixed in the future ? Thanks

  7. I installed the latest up date to the Tempera theme, and there is a problem with the columns on the Presentation page. The text no longer displays under the image when that setting is selected. It displays when you mouse over the image now.

    FYI: The Presentation page had the option to not display the Tempera attribution, but that is not working now.

    Also, a few updates ago, the ability to conditionally display columns on the Presentation page is no longer available. I used that feature for announcements that I would turn on and off each month. It was super handy.

    I hope that you will enable the option to place text under the images on the presentation page, in addition to displaying the text on mouse over. The options for configuring the Presentation page are a major feature of this template.

    Thank you!

    Jim “Jimbo” Knepper

    1. Also, in the Tempera theme, the Presentation page column option for static display of text ON the image is not working either. It seems to set to animated no matter which setting is selected. I’m using Firefox 43.0.1. Website: http://sjhrkaty.org

      To clarify the other issue related to conditional display of Cryout columns, the entire area used to configure this feature in the Cryout widget is no longer present.

      Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you.

    2. To get the presentation Page Columns feature to work again, I modified the code in the \themes\tempera\includes\includes\custom-styles.php file to replace a Release 1.4 update with Release 1.3 code as follows:

      // Begin – Remove Release 1.4 Code
      // if ( is_front_page() && $temperas[‘tempera_frontpage’] == “Enable” && (get_option(‘show_on_front’) == ‘posts’) ) {
      // $classes[] = ‘presentation-page’;
      // $classes[] = ‘coldisplay’.$temperas[‘tempera_coldisplay’];
      // }
      // End – Remove Release 1.4 Code

      // Begin – Use Release 1.3 Code Instead
      if (is_front_page() && $temperas[‘tempera_frontpage’] == “Enable”) {$classes[] = ‘presentation-page’;$classes[]= ‘coldisplay’.$temperas[‘tempera_coldisplay’]; }
      // End – Use Release 1.3 Code Instead

      Basically, I removed the (get_option(‘show_on_front’) == ‘posts’) check so that

      $classes[] = ‘coldisplay’.$temperas[‘tempera_coldisplay’];

      is executed.

      Likely you will deliver a more comprehensive solution, if necessary.


      Jim “Jimbo” Knepper

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