Nirvana 1.0.6 comes in a can

Version 1.0.6 is a pretty big update that brings quite a lot of improvements to our theme. Here’s the changelog:


  • added centred text option for the presentation page slider captions
  • one itsy bitsy Google fonts fix (yet again) (reported by Dan)
  • moved JavaScript scripts from wp_head to wp_footer hook to remove blocking scripts
  • improved left/right padding handling on mobile devices when site set to boxed layout
  • improved headings font size option to apply to presentation page titles as well
  • improved featured image as header image option full width functionality (reported by Bruno)
  • fixed (again) front columns layout when using custom widgets
  • improved presentation page columns responsiveness to exclude hover-capable devices
  • fixed presentation page columns padding on mobile devices
  • fixed slides count limitation when using custom posts by ID (reported by fuliggians and Diana)
  • fixed using cryout column widget outside the dedicated cryout columns area causing fatal error (introduced in 1.0.5) and made handler function pluggable via child themes
  • improved presentation columns to make them usable in all widget areas, not just the presentation page (with some responsiveness limitations)
  • fixed custom footer text not handling shortcodes
  • fixed category page with intro to follow category excerpt option, not homepage excerpt option
  • fixed input/textarea line-height reset causing visibility issues on Chrome and Internet Explorer
  • fixed RTL styling issue causing horizontal scrollbar
  • added Italian translation
Nirvana is a seriously configurable and responsive WordPress theme, with both wide and boxed layouts. For more info check out the theme's page.


  1. I was going to email you but the contact form says not to use for support questions. hmm…anyways. I got a notification in wordpress that the theme needed to update, so I updated it and now my site is showing an error. Please fix this ASAP!

  2. After recent update, my tryout columns have become animated! I’ve tried to re-set the preference in the Presentation Page/Columns from ‘animation’ to ‘static under image’ but nothing happens. Please fix this or let me know how to fix so I can get my business looking professional again! Thank you.

  3. Absolutely love the feel of the Theme! I just have a simple question. I’m trying to customize the theme so that the sidebars can have their own background color. Do you happen to know what property that would be in the Style.css?

    1. The sidebars only extend as far down as their content. As such, they may be longer or shorter (most often) than the content area.
      If you wish to customize their background, you will need to use an alternative solution: set the desired background colour on #forbottom and then undo the background colour with #content. You may need to remove some paddings for the background to not flow through certain elements.

  4. I really love your theme and all the concept behind. There is just a little problem since your last update. The slider is not working properly on my site. I´ll try to reimport the pictures, but I´ve been wondering that some people asked me, what happened to the site.

    Btw.. If I will ever have some money left I will donate to you. Just for reading your genius logs. Keep on with your work!

  5. I there! I really enjoy your themes and have tried them all out. I also really appreciate your theme options! There are much better than anything else I have seen so far!

    I like Nirvana a lot, but there is one thing that bothers me: the text overlay on the frontpage slider is hardly readable. I have the feeling I can’t really change that, even if I can modify the color of the text, because it is directly on the picture, so it kind of blends in it, no matter what. I think it is better if there is a sort of transparent text background that make it stand out from the picture, as it is for the slider of the other themes. And since I love this slider thing on frontpage, I have decided not to use Nirvana for the moment (I’m using Tempora now and I was using parabole until recently. I’m also testing Mantra.).

    1. Nirvana has a semi-transparent (dark) background for the slider captions as well, it’s just not a whole rectangle as in Tempera but covers just the text letters.

      1. Hum, I see. Then, it seems that I wasn’t able to make it work properly! I’ll try again! But then, I really like all your themese, so I’m just trying to see which ones fits better my needs! Thank you for your answer!

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