Nirvana 1.0.1 learns to fight

No more mister nice guy (uhm… girl) Nirvana. In this new update she finally learned to fight (against poorly written plugins that load their code all over the dashboard and break key functionality).

But despite posing as a bad girl, Nirvana 1.0.1 also brings a lot of head-relaxing fixes (among which the long awaited Google fonts functionality).


  • fixed skew missing on photo framed columns
  • fixed wrong order of tags on widget titles (pointed out by Michael)
  • replaced alt tag with title in thumbnail anchor function
  • fixed breadcrumbs having double anchor tag on the home icon
  • fixed HTML excerpts and added support for shortcodes (reported by Scott)
  • corrected first post image selector function to failsafe to standard image size when custom thumbnail is not available
  • almost fixed Google font names issue introduced in (caused by extra output sanitization)
  • fixed max-width leftovers in editor-style.css (among other things making large images appear distorted in the editor)
  • added Hungarian translation
  • added Croatian translation
  • rearranged presentation page columns HTML to make it easier to be replaced via child themes
  • fixed ol double digits numbering not fitting into view
  • added standard HTML markup on presentation page static content
  • fixed 2 typos in settings page
  • revamped script/styles injection detection to protect the theme’s settings page from getting broken by badly written plugins

The injection protection is an experimental feature, so please do let us know if it causes you problems or you encounter a plugin that goes unstopped and manages to mess with the settings page.

Update: Release 1.0.1 has a typo in the code that may cause your site to become unusable after the update. It is safer to skip this update and wait for 1.0.2. If you’ve already updated and are encountering the issue, uninstall the theme (or delete the theme folder) and install 1.0.0 manually.

Nirvana is a customizable and responsive WordPress theme, with both wide and boxed layouts. For more info check out the theme's page.


  1. Nirvana on the server is broken!! I am unable to install it on my site–WP says there is no style sheet- I am using it on a different site and its working fine, so it appears to be the version currently available for download that is the issue. Please fix! I love this theme and want to switch my other site ASAP. Thanks!

    1. Just saw your update that 1.01 is unusable. After trying to install it and breaking the site three times I had figured that out all by myself! Anyway, I just want you to know that I manually installed 1.02 today (Thanks for the quick fix!) and all is well. again, thanks for addressing this so quickly. This truly is a wonderful theme and generally works like a charm. Google fonts are still an issue, though I have been trying to use Allure and Norican and neither work no matter what I do. Suggestions??

  2. There are still issues with Google fonts. Their listing in the style tag of the head section has been fixed (correct use of quotes rather than quote entities). However, they are not included in the nirvana-googlefonts-css stylesheet link. As a result, they are not downloaded from Google. In my installation, the only font included in the Google fonts stylesheet link is the font I chose for the General Font. The Google fonts I chose for other elements are not included.

    As a temporary fix, I added an @import line in my child theme style.css file to download the missing fonts from Google.

    1. Check the Google fonts stylesheet link in the head section of your pages’ source code. Chances are, you will see that not all of your chosen Google fonts are listed there, which means they aren’t getting downloaded from Google. For me, the font I chose for General Font is included, but no others.

      I am using a child theme, so I added an @import line to my child stylesheet to fetch the other fonts.

  3. con NIRVANA 1.0.0 era tutto ok
    da quando ho aggiornato a NIRVANA 1.0.1 tutte le mie pagine di wp sono bianche
    non riesco piu’ a fare niente

    with NIRVANA 1.0.0 everything was ok
    since I updated to 1.0.1 NIRVANA all my pages are white wp
    I can not ‘do anything

    1. I change themes and went back to Nirvana. This seemed to fix the issue. I WOULD like to know how to remove the space below the menu bar. I changed the content margins to 0 px and it doesn’t seem to be working. Any suggestions?

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